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Support women’s rugby development in India: Buy a t-shirt, look foxy, get dirty

You’ve read this blog, you’ve seen some faces and heard the stories: you may be asking yourself “Gee golly Robin, these are these just the baddest chicks around! What can I do to support the cause of rugby development in India?“ Well aren’t you lucky that I have an answer for you! RFS Pune, my … Continue reading

Kolkata for the kids

I’m still here! I’ve been in and out of Pune for about the last two months now, most recently returning from a few weeks up in the wilds of the north country. Carys hopped over from the States and we spent a whirlwind two weeks traveling, trying to bribe government officials, starring in a Hollywood … Continue reading

Schoolyard ruckus

This past Saturday, Surabhi, Anna, our coach Surhud Sir and I went down to the old city for an afternoon rugby session with one of the grammar schools. In order to develop the sport, our coach has taken up his post as a professional rugby ambassador: he has been conducting training sessions in different NGOs … Continue reading

The dangerous games we play

Self-reflexivity is crucial to my research here in India. I play women’s rugby. I’m studying women’s rugby. I’m always comparing and contrasting my experiences and realities with those of the women I work with — they are innumerable. As a participant-observer-researcher, I sometimes think that we couldn’t be more different; other times, our sameness is … Continue reading

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