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Then end? …nah

_____________ “All travel is circular… after all, the grand tour is just the inspired man’s way of heading home.” _____________ I’ve been putting off writing this blog for a few weeks now — the whole business of it all seems a bit too final for my liking. I’m not ready for any sort of au … Continue reading

Kolkata for the kids

I’m still here! I’ve been in and out of Pune for about the last two months now, most recently returning from a few weeks up in the wilds of the north country. Carys hopped over from the States and we spent a whirlwind two weeks traveling, trying to bribe government officials, starring in a Hollywood … Continue reading

Dirty confession: I hate sports photography

My friends! It’s been a while, huh? I just got back from traveling around north with some wonderful characters: Julianne is one of my best friends from college who I met while in Florence (she baked me a pie and done! It was insta-love). Joining us from the south was my kickass girl Solen, architecture … Continue reading

Player profile: sitting down with Bhagya from Orissa

It was her explosive laugh and mischievous grin that made me instantly like Bhagya.  She reminded me of one of my feistiest friends from college, and her method of overcoming our language barrier by throwing playful punches immediately won me over. I talk fast; faster when I’m nervous, even faster when I’m excited. Robin, I … Continue reading

Schoolyard ruckus

This past Saturday, Surabhi, Anna, our coach Surhud Sir and I went down to the old city for an afternoon rugby session with one of the grammar schools. In order to develop the sport, our coach has taken up his post as a professional rugby ambassador: he has been conducting training sessions in different NGOs … Continue reading

Home + Himalaya

For a split-second I was back in New York City. It was that smoky smell, the sweetness of frying oil and acrid odor of burning rubber and exhaust that was so familiar. For a flash, my feet were pounding the cement down on the cold sidewalk outside of Grand Central and — Woah, The aroma … Continue reading

Notes from the airport

Good morning (or good evening?) to you, all of my snow-bound friends! I write to you from the airport terminal in Hyderabad. I’m en route to Bhubaneswar to catch the lastest endeavor in the India rugby world (seriously, love or curse the fb, without the lucky rugby-related facebook events I catch popping up on my … Continue reading

The All-Asia Women’s Rugby 7s Championship

Much belated and not-so-creatively titled… but here we are! While the rest of the world had it’s eyes glued to the rucking and mauling going on down at the world cup in New Zealand, the city of Pune was focused on the All-Asia Women’s 7s Championship… which just happened to take place on the outskirts … Continue reading

Eat, sleep, play, repeat: staying at the national women’s rugby training camp

The cop didn’t believe Neha when she told him that she plays scrumhalf for the Indian women’s rugby side. Standing at 5’2″ and weighing in at a whopping 99 lbs, at first glance one would never guess that she’s one of the most explosive players in the country. He still didn’t believe us when she … Continue reading

Why yes, we’d love to join your impromptu dance party

Last night Aaron and I showed the larger community of Pune that, though we may have yet to perfect our Bollywood dance moves, we can sure still have a grand old time. We were hanging out in our flat, eating jars of nutella and musing over the fact that we have 54 mysterious electrical switches … Continue reading

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